Our Happy Clients

“This is the best pharmacy I’ve ever been to. They always have what I need in stock, the wait is minimal, and the staff is incredible.i get a text from them incase of any updates till i get my order
CUSTOMER SERVICE DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT ANYMORE, but it does at this wonderful drugstore. Everyone that works there is kind, knowledgable, and takes time to explain things to you if you don’t understand. It’s got a very “small town” feel. They care about you as a human being and know how important it is for you to receive your medicine…NOBODY DOES THAT ANYMORE!!

That is why i come to AZmedicinalshop anytime I need my drug.”

Jordin S.
Los Angeles, CA

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“This is the best drugstore for customers AZmedicinalshop with incumbent high prices. The service are very friendly and they literally go the extra mile with delivery services. They call me to remind me to refill Meds. I can speak to a person when I dial.

What’s extra great is their stock.

I used to patronize Sun Lake Drugs in Silverlake and was bummed when Dean decided to retire and close the store, I was genuinely fond of him. Where would I ever find that same level of quality care, at discount prices?? AZmedicinalshop
Thank you AZ

Victoria B.

Victoria B.

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“Forget the big guys like CVS or Walgreens — It’s all about Discount Medical Pharmacy! This place offers the personalized service-oriented, customer-centered care that only exists in the olden days!

this is the number one BEST drugstore in the country! I even had them ship me medications when I lived in Australia for years! Now that I’m back in LA, I make sure to get everything from them

Adam B.
Manhattan, NY

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Thanks for the 10 years of exceptional service,AZmedicinalshop I’ll keep coming back for sure!.”

“I have never been to a more dedicated pharmacy. Not only do they always try to save me money but they really care. My husband and I are disabled. They’ve even offered to drive our meds to us, they go above and beyond any other pharmacy. “AZmedicinalshop” is the right name for our pharmacy in Texas. It feels like the women and men who work there take a special care when helping you. We recently had some tragedies in our family and I felt like I was talking to friends about it.”

betsy m.