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buy 5-MeO-DMT online

(5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine) is a powerful psychedelic tryptamine. It is found in a wide

buy 5-MeO-DMT online

grade certified reference material
feature Snap-N-Spike®/Snap-N-Shoot®
packaging ampule of 1 mL
drug control Narcotic Licence Schedule E (Switzerland)
concentration 1.0 mg/mL in methanol
format single component solution
storage temp. −20°C

variety of plant and psychoactive toad species and, like its close relatives DMT and bufotenin, it has been used as an entheogen by South American shamans for thousands of years.

You can buy 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine) powder online cheap (in low price) (in low price).Other tryptamines supply the active components of several South American psychedelic snuffs and drinks. The chief of these is 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamines (5-MeO-DMT).

It resembles DMT (see p. 19) in its effects, and is produced, along with other active tryptamines, by the trees Virola calophylla, Virola calophylloidea, Virola theiodora, Anadenanthera peregrina (Piptadenia peregrina), Psychotria viridis, and others. From the bark resin of the Virola trees Indians make a snuff called yakee or yako in Colombia and epena or parica in Brazil. From the seeds of Anadenanthera peragrina they make another snuff called yopo or parica in the valley of the Orinoco and cohoba in the West Indies; vilca or cebil, a snuff preparaed from the seeds of Anadenanthera colubrina, was formerly used in southern South America. Bufotenine (5-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine, a better-known substance produced by some of the same plants as well as in the skin of toads, is not clearly psychoactive, apparently because it does not pass the barrier between the bloodstream and the brain; 5-methyoxy-N,N-DMT itself is about as potent as psilocybin but inactive orally. Harmala alkaloids have also been extracted from Virola resin; they allow the tryptamines to take effect orally by acting as inhibitors of the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAOIs), which would otherwise destroy them. Several hydroxytrapptamine derivatives have strong effects on animals but are untested in man 5-MeO-DMT–Intranasal Psychonautics [MN] I conducted in all six bioassays (MN-I-MN-VI) by way of modeling the Virola snuffs.

buy 5-MeO-DMT online

With this protocol (MN-I), it was established that 10 mg of [5-MeO-DMT] free-base was the intranasal threshold-dose, evoking a characteristic pharmacodynamic profile for this compound as errhine: first effects at 3­4 minutes; building to a peak between 30­40 minutes; clearly diminishing by 50 minutes; with termination at about 60­70 minutes.

MN-II–>MN-V dealt with combinations of b-carbolines with [5-MeO-DMT]. The same 10 mg dose was thus combined with 20, 10 and 5 mg (MN-II, MN-III, MN-IV) harmaline hydrochloride dihydrate (harmaline; 14.9/7.5/3.7 mg harmaline free-base; Acros Organics, Geel, Belgie). In each case, I had significant and dramatic potentiation of this threshold-dose of [5-MeO-DMT], irrespective of the diminishing dosage of harmaline–that is, even the minimal dose was appreciably as effective as the maximal in this regard.

MN-V was a control-experiment insufflating simply 10 mg harmaline (or 7.5 mg base), which provoked no noticeable effects.

For MN-VI I insufflated 5 mg [5-MeO-DMT] with 5 mg harmine hydrochloride dihydrate (harmine; 3.7 mg harmine free-base; Acros Organics), which gave effects commensurate with MN-I (10 mg [5-MeO-DMT] neat)–both b-carbolines roughly doubling the potency of [5-MeO-DMT].

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